The stars foretold of your arrival to my website.  I have prepared the most accurate astrological predictions on your future all based on the position and movements of the stars.

Money is always an issue.  When there is plenty to go around, it is still inadequate for you desires.  When there is not enough, it is inadequate for your needs.

Relationships are like rollercoasters; they go up and down, especially if you go to many rollercoaster themed parks.  Take advantage of the highs and use them to secure the lows.

Work is a never-ending career.  It never gets done.  Why else do you have to go back there everyday?

Dark clouds will fill your life time and time again.  The stars are vague on when this will happen, but they do point to a clue: watch the weather repost everyday for a better forecast.

Astrology is a sure-fire way to know what will happen each year, month and day.  It is good that you trust tiny little lights than your own judgment.