Dance Day

The last Saturday of June is reserved for dancing.  It is Dance Day and it is a day to grab a partner and dance until you can dance no more.  I am a horrible dancer so I will probably be the lonely guy in the corner not dancing.  Hope you have some fun this day as I sit at the punch table for the rest of the day.

Bring your cat to work day

Is your firm having a Bring Your Cat To Work Day?  Is it on June 28 and will you be following it?  I do not have a cat so is it okay I bring my dog to work?  Can you imagine the fun my mutt will have on this day!  It is going to be a fun day for me and my dog.

Bomb pop day

The last Thursday of every June is Bomb Pop Day.  They are called rocket popsicle where I am.  These three coloured treats are a favourite of ice cream trucks and other vendors of the sort.  I have had many in my youth, but not one since then.  Today I will change that and get these bomb pop/rocket popsicles for all of us.