Political meltdown

This is Stacey Reid reporting for Channel 6 NEWS (Never Ending World of Stacey, formally known as The Stacey Reid Show) and I am certain that my influence on the world is diminishing rapidly.

First off, you all know who I am.  It is sort of ridiculous that I have to explain to all of you that I am the center of the world.  There is an entire channel that is devoted to showing my life to the world.  I am a mega-superstar.  Some have tried to tell me that I have the Truman Show delusion, but that is hogwash!


Sadly, I must report that I am not feeling too comfortable in my series recently.  There has been a lot of breathtaking showstoppers in my life.  Fun for the viewers, horrible for me!  I think that even though I am the center of the world, I may be losing my show.

Yesterday was the Ontario provincial election.  Ever since I was old enough to understand what an election is, I have been voting.  Certainly a vote of an eight year old is not going to be counted, by I did my democratic part.  And for the past 32 years, I have always voted and the person I voted for wins.

But not last night.

I voted for someone and that person lost.  The party that I was electing won, but not the person.

Never has this happened before.  My opinion has always decided the outcome.

Not last night.

My opinion no longer matters.  I am not longer in charge of this world.  Very sad.

Very, very scary!

Shows that get cancelled like to go out in a bang.  I am the centre of my show and that means I am going to go bang!

I have a bad feeling about this!

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