Zionism Day

Don’t get me wrong; I am pro-Jew.  Jesus was born in the line of Jewish Kings and the Bible clearly says that anyone who blesses Israel will be blessed in turn.  I have never understood anti-Semitism and think this whole hatred towards God’s chosen people is ill-conceived.  Yet, at the same time, all races are able to become racists themselves.  Zionism is a form of racism.  Because it is Jewish and Jews have been persecuted for centuries, they are still very capable of dishing out their own hatred.

December 16 is known as Zionism Day.  A little history here.  Zionism was regarded as a form of racism by the United Nations back in November 1975.  But the Palestinian issue kept coming up and it was time to do something about it.  Israel would only talk about the Palestinian matter if the Zionism racism resolution was repealed on December 19, 1991.  For the first time in United Nations history, a resolution was repealed and Zionism was no longer considered to be a form of racism.

This is not a perfect world we live in.  Today is not something that should be celebrated; even so, how do you celebrate the rebirth of a form of discrimination and hatred?  Today we need to remember that there is still a huge road ahead of us to rid the world of the stupidity of hating people because they look different, speak different, or act different.

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