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I love random stuff. For those with a widescreen, you will notice that every 60 seconds, the background changes. I love that. I am using Better Backgrounds plugin for WordPress.

One thing I did notice, is that you cannot download the background image if you like it. So I added this gallery to show, and allow, you to download them, if you so choose. I found these on various sites, and none of them (at present) are my creation. Cannot remember every single site that I got each one from, so I cannot help you there.

I will be adding more, and removing those that do not look so good. Be sure to check back to see if there are any new ones that you may like.

5 thoughts on “Background Images

    • I am not sure as to why you would advertise the fact that you are less than intelligent to the whole world, on my website for that matter.

      But thanks for the compliment.

      Stay in school.

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  2. Stacey;
    I found your site by accident, but am going to book mark it. You’ve put much time and effort into this…I also like your background images. They sort of fall in line with the religious “heart” of your site.
    I read the article about reductionism…very interesting. I have been forced into it to keep up with my children, all but one of which are with children of their own. I look at my grandchildren as another chance to tease lovingly, and to enjoy their giggles and hugs. I missed much of that with my own children because of the military and divorce. I’m thankful to have them all though, and hold their love above all else.
    I’ll be back. ;o]

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