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I love words. Words are so great at describing everything we need to describe. But sometimes we get lazy in our use of words. We rely on some words too much. I found that I want to help save certain words from being lost forever. So I have started to incorporate words that I like. They are listed below and include the definition of the word, in the context that I used. All these words have appeared at least once on this website.

Abacinate: The act of blinding someone with a hot tool.

Abcedarian: Someone who teaches the alphabet.

Abderian: Given to loud and excessive laughter.

Abecedarian: A student of the alphabet.

Aberrant: Abnormal.

Ablution: Bath, shower, washing.

Abattoirist: Someone who works at a slaughterhouse.

Abscond: To take away, run away, steal away.

Acerbic: Bitter, sour, sharp.

Accidia: The inability to think or act due to sadness.

Accompaniment: To join, accompany, follow.

Accoucheur: A man who assists in childbirth.

Aceldama: Blood soaked battlefield.

Acrasia: Acting against one’s better judgment.

Acrasial: Grumpy/cranky/ill-tempered.

Acrocephalic: Someone that has a pointy head.

Adimpleate: To fill up.

Adelphepothia: A sexual desire for your sister.

Adelphirexia: A sexual desire for your nephew.

Adelphithymia: A sexual desire for your niece.

Aeipathy: Continuing passion, compassion or charity. Also means an unyielding disease.

Aesthete: One how obsessively pursues beauty and its admiration of beauty.

Afflatus: Devine inspiration.

Agamous: Being unmarried.

Agelast: Someone who never laughs.

Agerasia: Looking more youthful than one’s actual age.

Aggrandizement: Exaltation, honour.

Aginate: To sell small items.

Aginator: A seller of small items.

Agonous: Engaged in mortal combat.

Algophobia: Fear of pain.

Aloof: Remote, withdrawn.

Amarulence: Bitterness, scorn, contempt, spite, hate.

Apsotate: Corrupt, broken, wrong, error filled.

Aproneer: Merchant.

Aquabib: A water drinker.

Astringent: Harsh.

Astute: Smart, perceptive.

August: (Not capitalized) Noble, dignified.

Austere: Severe in manner, cold.

Blateration: Blabber/chatter.

Cachinnate: Laugh.

Cephalalgia: Headache.

Diagnosticate: To diagnose, recognize.

Drabble: Mindless, pointless talk/discussion.

Excogitate: To seriously think about something.

Execrate: Hate.

Frutescent: Shrub-like.

Gadabout: Someone who moves around from one activity to another.

Icasm: Figurative expression/expressions.

Imprecate: Curse, swear.

Irredivivous: Dead.

Mingent: Urinating.

Naevus: Birthmark

Natatorium: Swimming Pool

Obarmate: To arm yourself/to arm against.

Postulate: To suppose, figure or believe.

Prodigious: Great in size, scale, scope, effort, force, etc..

Pulchritude: Beauty.

Pule: Cry, complain, whimper.

Quadragintrireme: A 40 oar ancient warship.

Ruminate: To seriously think about something.

Sagittipotent: Someone who is a good archer.

Sonance: Noise that is loud and not harmonious.

Surcease: Cessation, relief, stopping.

Tenellous: Somewhat tender.

Tudiculate: To bruise/beat up.

Vocitate: To name or call something.

Words that I want to use:

Abdominous: Pot bellied.

Antipelargy: The reciprocal act of love and kindness of a child to a loving parent.

Cosmogyral: Travelling around the universe.

Crassulent: Very fat and morbidly obese.

Helctic: Stalling, dragging out, draw out.

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia: The fear of long words.

Ingordigious: Greedy.

Montivagant: Wandering through the hills and mountains.

Stiricide: Killed by icicles.

Volgivagant: Of or pertaining to the common people.

Vultuous: Having a sad or sullen expression.

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